Publish your online store in no time

Sell Everywhere! 

zVendo provides you with different ways to sell, so you can experience as much profit as you possibly can. You won’t have to limit yourself to a specific channel when you can sell absolutely anywhere, whether it’s an online store, online store mobile applications on Android/iOS, or a Point of Sale application that can be accessed on multiple devices, to give you the opportunity to sell in person as in a physical store or at pop-up stores.

Publish your store in no time

Having your online store has never been this easy, with just a few steps, it will literally take you five minutes to have your online store published.

You only need to register, choose the theme that best compliments your brand, as you have full control of how your store is going to look like through several themes available, access more than one way to sell, and pay as you go, with an affordable and multi-featured online store that will guarantee a better online selling experience.

Be one step ahead of your customers’ needs.

zVendo makes it easy for you to have full grasp of your insights sales, and frequency of the click-ability of your landing page, which gives an idea about the bounce rate, conversion rate and customers traffic through zVendo advanced analysis plan.

Enjoy a luxurious, dedicated backend that entitles you to witness your customers’ behavior, total sales and the existence of an active cart.

Your online store made affordable, starting from EGP 499 per month

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