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E-commerce Solutions

Having your online store has never been this easy

Business Boomers' innovation through its breakthrough in E-commerce: "zVendo", was built merely upon a deep understanding of your needs to have a more realistic and approachable E-commerce experience, as it gives you the perfect opportunity to establish your own online store and to have every say in how it’s run, using your own company’s domain name. As well as having your online store mobile application for both Android/iOS, that enables you to sell easily online and to reach as many customers as possible with a fully-featured marketing strategy.

Access your E-commerce platform using our POS system, by implementing a fully developed, sophisticated experience, where you can expand wireless-linked devices to your system and link your POS to other terminals.

Sell anywhere, on several channels ,whether it’s your online store ,a physical store or on social media and have them all in one place. Track your sales, cash flow, inventory, and increase your revenue.

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Business boomers' projects also include implementing booking and reservation services, with a variety of establishments all over the region, whether it's beauty and health care business; as beauty salons, hair dressers, health clubs, gyms, or entertainment business ,as malls, movie theaters, restaurants, and coffee shops.

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E-commerce Management

Managing your E-commerce platforms is what makes the base of your online existence, through executing the perfect management scheme, and having the right ideas about how to implement it, to achieve the expected outcomes and maximum benefits with the least effort possible.

Business Boomers will have you closer to this reality, and you will no longer worry about orchestrating the right business implementation, as we will have you covered to execute the perfect strategy, through our End-To-End E-commerce management service, all the way, starting from listing your store products, photography sessions, digital advertising tactics, through multiple channels, including social media management, logistics, till cash collection.

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Building Marketplaces

An online marketplace is the way to optimize maximum profitability, providing access to millions of customers, by means of multi-channel E-commerce, through attending to multiple needs, by supplying a diversity of goods, that's why it is in need of an outstanding strategy and impeccable execution ,to deliver the optimum user-interface and the most satisfying and organized customer experience.

Business Boomers will give you a fully-organized approach to establish your marketplace, whether it is only by building your marketplace from scratch, or by building it and perfecting its existence through the right management techniques, whatever it is, we are going to walk you through it to have your sought-after online experience.

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